Kanji 淀川
Gender Male
Race Heavenly Beings
Misc. Information
Japanese voice actor Katsumi Toriumi

Yodogawa (淀川), also known as Yotchan, is a heavenly being and a Celestial God candidate. He replaces Kobayashi as Ueki's King of the Celestial World candidate. Yodogawa had a deal with another more promising King of the Celestial World Candidate, Margaret, to get Ueki to lose as soon as possible in order to take a cushy job as his assistant advisor.

He does his best to persuade Ueki to quit the tournament, but never succeeds. He rejoins to help Ueki later and apologizes for his previous behavior when Ueki is forming his team. He is at least a level 6 Heavenly Being, since in one episode, he used Raika to transport the rest of Ueki's team to stop Tenko's deadly final training. For the rest of the series, he is seen either helping Team Ueki or ingratiating himself with Kobayashi and Inumaru.