Van Decout
Van Decout
Kanji バン・ディクート
Rōmaji Ban Dikūto
Gender Male
Race Celestial being
Hair color Green
Eye color Black
Occupation Student
Abilities He has the ability to animate things
Weapon(s) Sacred weapons
Team Team Barrow
Misc. Information
Japanese voice actor Eiji Takemoto

Van Decout (バン・ディクート, Ban Dikūto) is a power user and a member of Team Barrow. He has the ability to animate things, usually with adorable faces attached to them. He also likes to use the phrase "to the max" a lot, and is impulsive and aggressive in contrast to his more reserved teammates. He sports a green ducktail hairdo. Like Rinko Jerrard, he adores all things cute, however tries to act tough to hide it from his enemies. He is the first person to fall victim to Rinko's "evil" side for calling her an insect and a small fry.