The Law of the Celestials
Kanji 天界人の法則
Rōmaji Tenkaijin no Hōsoku
Air Date June 20, 2005
Opening Theme Falco
Ending Theme Kokoro no Wakusei (Little Planets)
Episode 11
Episode 13
The Law of Ueki episodes

For displeasing Robert, Ueki is tested. For three days he must stand with a large stone block on his back. If he can manage that, he is a member of the Robert’s Ten.

Meanwhile, some new information is found out about Ueki. Mori discovers that Ueki was actually adopted and Mr. K finds out that Ueki is actually a heavenly being sent to Earth as a baby.

While this is certainly useful information, it doesn’t help Ueki now that he has revealed his true intentions to Alessio Juliano who possesses the ability to turn dirt into scythes.

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