The Law of the Battle Commencement
Kanji バトル開始!! の法則
Rōmaji Batoru Kaishi!! no Hōsoku
Air Date April 11, 2005
Opening Theme "Falco"
Ending Theme "Kokoro no Wakusei (Little Planets)"
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The Law of the Battle Commencement!! was the second episode of The Law of Ueki anime series. It aired first on April 11, 2005 in Japan on TV Tokyo.

Plot overviewEdit

The episode begins with Ai Mori's dream—two people are fighting Kōsuke Ueki on the rooftop of a tall building. One has the power to turn people ugly by sticking his two fingers up their nostrils and the other can turn those who lose the game of Rock-paper-scissors to a lump of poop. The former tries to stick his finger up Ueki's nostrils, but Mori pushes him aside leading the person to stick his fingers up her nostrils.

She starts crying and asks Ueki to do something to fix her. However, Ueki says she has not changed a bit and the other person says that the reason it did not work might be because she was "not so hot to begin with". Mori gets mad and kicks the guy off the roof.

The next person steps up and plays the game of rock-paper-scissors with Ueki. Ueki loses and is turned into a lump of poop. He starts chasing the screaming Mori.

The next scene shows Mori screaming and waking up in her Math class; the children start laughing and she gets embarrassed. She blames Kobayashi for her fear, as he told her everything about the Celestial King and the competition.

Characters in order of appearanceEdit