The Law of Mr. K
Kanji コバセンの法則
Rōmaji Kobasen no Hōsoku
Air Date May 16, 2005
Opening Theme Falco
Ending Theme Kokoro no Wakusei (Little Planets)
Episode 6
Episode 8
The Law of Ueki episodes
With Mr. K sent to the underworld, Ueki isn’t sure what he should be doing anymore. In search of answers he goes to Mr. K's home where he finds an interesting file on his computer. It seems Mr. K has been paying close attention to Ueki, making note of every kind act the boy does.

Understanding the faith that his God Candidate had in him, Ueki is determined more than ever to win this tournament and keep the Talent of Blank away from those that would abuse the power.

With a new God Candidate, Yodogawa (nicknamed Yo-chan) backing him, Ueki takes on the next challenge: Bolo T, a power user with the ability to turn his forehead into diamonds.

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