Tarō Myōjin
3 Taro Myojin
Kanji 明神 太郎
Rōmaji Myōjin Tarō
Gender Male
Race Humans
Hair color Brown
Abilities Turning his whistle into laser

Turning cards into buzzsaws

Team Robert's Ten
Misc. Information
Anime debut The Law of the Robert's Ten
Japanese voice actor Mayumi Yamaguchi

Tarō Myōjin (明神 太郎, Myōjin Tarō) is a power user and a member of the Robert's Ten. Unlike the other participants in the battle, Taro had two powers given to him by two different god candidates, who both wanted the position of God. Taro's abilities were to turn a whistle into a laser, and cards into buzzsaws. These were often used in conjunction, in his battle with Ueki. The buzzsaw was to simply make the opponent jump, thus making them vulnerable to Taro's laser. Myojin despite initially seeming to be a rather friendly individual, in truth, he shares the same personality type as most of the other Ten members, seeing friendship as weakness and showing no mercy to his enemies. This makes for a very hard character shift from his goofy simpleton looks. Myojin was the one who recruited Ueki to join Robert's Ten. Ueki retires him with Masshu. Taro is also shown to be a good analyst in his battle with Ueki, when using his two powers to counter Ueki's sacred Treasure.