Talents may help every middle school students in battle or in life. An important rule in the tournament to prevent power users from attacking anyone they please is that the power user will lose a talent if they attack a non-power user, but they can gain a random talent by knocking out another power user. If the power user loses all their talents, they will vanish.

The series shows Ueki starting with eleven talents: girl charisma, ability to study, ability to run, accuracy, ability to eat fast, ability to search, lottery, animal charisma, ability to swim, ability to dodge, and ability to imitate. However, those soon begin to dwindle down because of his desire to protect innocent civilians with his powers, a source of endless frustration to Mori.

"The Talent of Blank" Edit

The Talent of Blank Zai is said to give any talent the user wishes for. During the ending theme song, it is seen hanging outside Ueki's bag. the talent he chose was "Talent of Reunion".