Ueki father
Rōmaji Pag
Gender Male
Race Heavenly Beings
Hair color Dark green
Misc. Information
Japanese voice actor Kouji Tsujitani

Pag is a heavenly being and Kōsuke Ueki's father. He sent his son to Earth, as a baby, with the intentions to choose his son for the tournament so that he himself could benefit. Unfortunately, he was not chosen as a King of the Celestial World Candidate. He does, however, seem to express regret when he meets up with Ueki and company later in the anime, not revealing his true identity to Ueki due to his shame. Pag also teaches Ueki a way to advance to his Level 2 power stating that it would be "the first and last time" he would aid Ueki. It is to be known in a later episode that he is Ueki's real father.