Kanji ニコ
Rōmaji Niko
Gender Male
Race Humans
Team Team Capucho
Misc. Information
Japanese voice actor Masaya Matsukaze

Nico (ニコ, Niko) is a power user and a member of Team Capucho. His power is to turn his 'beautiful' hair in into a drill, giving him the ability to go underground. He likes to attack from the ground where he can surprise people. One of the gifted that is trying to get Soya to join up with them. He is very vain, especially when it comes to his hair, and also tends to use the word 'beautiful' while speaking. He also looks more like a girl rather than a boy and has a tendency to wear girlish clothes. During the Battle Game, though, in the last few minutes of Ueki Team against Team Marilyn, Nico was more mature than he was before.