Kanji メモリー
Rōmaji Memorī
Gender Female
Race Humans
Team Team Marilyn
Misc. Information
Japanese voice actor Minori Chihara

Memorī (メモリー) uses her power with Putting's to make a combination attack. This, however, was taken out temporarily by Hideyoshi blocking her sketch pad with one of his portraits, and the loss of Pudding earlier so she has no materials. In her fight with Ai, Memory is forced to fall back on hand-to-hand combat. She is the first "victim" of Mori's power. A very competent field leader who acts as a spotter from higher ground. She is also the smartest and the strictest of the team.


  • She said that Mori was a million years too early to beat her, but due to her carelessness Mori ultimately defeats her.
  • She was the first person that Mori has beaten in the tournament.
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