Kanji マシュー
Rōmaji Mashū
Gender Male
Race Humans
Team Team Marilyn
Misc. Information
Japanese voice actor Shinichiro Miki
English voice actor Ryan Stockert

His power is the ability to triple his pair of hands, making him have six arms. When used with his military weapons, he can hold either six guns or two guns and two bazookas. Matthew is something of a flirt when it comes to ladies and thought Sano's dream was pointless if it didn't include women. Like all the members of the Marilyn team, he just wants to see Marilyn smile. He wears an eyepatch over his right eye.

During the fight between Team Marilyn and Team Ueki, he is shown to have great combat skills, although he was defeated by Sano's Level 2.

He bears a great resemblance to Deadman Wonderland's Kiyosama Senji, a.k.a. Crow.