Marilyn Carrey
Kanji マリリン・キャリー
Rōmaji Maririn Kyarī
Alias Marilyn
Gender Female
Race Humans
Hair color Blonde
Eye color Blue
Abilities Turn one second into ten seconds for herself
Team Team Marilyn
Misc. Information
Japanese voice actor Satsuki Yukino
English voice actor Carol-Anne Day

Marilyn Carrey (マリリン・キャリー) uses her power to make one second into ten seconds. Her Level 2 is the ability to double her attack power, but it's only limited to 10 minutes. When she activates it, a gauge appears on her neck and she will collapse after the gauge empties. Reason of her defeat is her level 2.


Marylin, along with the rest of her team, grew up in a war zone in an unnamed country, so they spent their lives in training. Once the war was over, her family joined the upper class. She claims to be proud of her upbringing and how she only feels truly alive when she is fighting, but this is a facade. She holds onto a childhood promise to her dead war buddies that forces her to keep fighting, despite her actual distaste for the act


When Ueki first met Marilyn she wears a long elegant dress and when she was fighting she wears a combat suit. Her hair is blonde and her hair has a ponytail


  • She is the second girl that battled Ueki
  • She said that she came from a rich family but when her past was told she said that everyone from her village including her parents died due to the war. She must be the orphan of the rich family.
  • Matthew and Baron (her teammates) also had a crush on her due to her kindness when they were young.
  • Her power is similar to the Noro Noro no Mi Fruit used by Foxy in One Piece.
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