Marco Maldini
5 Marco Maldini
Kanji マルコ・マルディーニ
Rōmaji Maruko Marudeini
Gender Male
Race Humans
Abilities Turning Tomatoes into Magma
Team Robert's Ten
Misc. Information
Anime debut The Law of the Robert's Ten
Japanese voice actor Shō Hayami
English voice actor Randy Brososky

Marco Maldini (マルコ・マルディーニ, Maruko Marudeini) is a power user and a member of the Robert's Ten. An expert chef who is in charge of cooking for Robert's Ten, Maldini gets very angry if someone insults his cooking. Marco is one of the members who considers victory all that matters, nearly killing former teammates Don and Alessio with his magma, and threatening Rinko when she defects. Again, Masshu was the method Ueki used to defeat him. His power enabled him to change tomatoes into magma. This power proved difficult for Ueki to counter, as shown in the anime, since the magma simply seeped through the trees.