Li Hō
Kanji 李崩
Rōmaji Ri Hou
Gender Male
Race Humans
Misc. Information
Anime debut The Law of Talent
Japanese voice actor Koyasu Takehito
English voice actor Roger Rhodes

Li Hō (李崩, Ri Hou) is a power user with the ability to turn his own hair into a "telescoping bat". Li Ho considers Ueki his rival and wants to become a strong fighter in honor of his father, who fell victim to the plague. He refuses to use his power, the power to turn his hair into a staff, in his first battle against Ueki. Originally, he fights Ueki using a move he calls the Secret of the Count of Monte Cristo (秘拳岩窟王 hiken gankutsuou?) but succumbs to its weakness when Ueki grabs hold of his shoulders. He covers this weakness in Round 4 by rotating his arms and shoulders, but his technique fails once again when Anon grips onto his head to stop his movement.

During the third round, Li Ho displays a distinct growth in power, utilizing his inner power to perform powerful attacks. Channeling his power into his feet, for instance, allows him rapid movement.

Li Ho has developed a defense called T'ai chi ch'uan which is a circular strike used to repel any attack. Ueki battles him before facing Marylin, and learns new ways to use his powers and skills in battle.


Li Ho
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