Kill Norton
Kill Norton
Kanji キルノートン
Rōmaji Kirunōton
Gender Male
Race Celestial being
Hair color Reddish Purple
Occupation Student
Weapon(s) Sacred weapons
Team Team Barrow
Misc. Information
Japanese voice actor Susumu Chiba

Kill Norton (キルノートン, Kirunōton) is a power user and a member of Team Barrow. He has an IQ of 179, but strangely, even though he has a high IQ, he is constantly outsmarted by Ai, implying he's not street smart or very gullible. He also has the talent of calculating. He named his glasses Bianca, after falling in love with them during his fight with Ai.

Mori suspects he is a pervert, but he denies these claims and states that he has an I.Q of 179 as a counter. Mori defeated Kill Norton using her I.Q. Kill Norton's ability was not revealed during the series. At the end of the anime, he still falls in love with his glasses without Ai using her power on him, and mutters "Glasses...glasses...glasses...", creeping Ai out.