Jun'ichi Baba
Junichi Baba
Kanji 馬場 淳一
Rōmaji Baba Jun'ichi
Alias B.J.
Age 14
Gender Male
Race Humans
Hair color Brunette
Eye color Black
Occupation Junior high student
Abilities Turn coins into whirlwind
Weapon(s) N/A
Affiliation N/A
Team N/A
Misc. Information
Manga debut Hip Hopper B.J. the Liar
Anime debut The Law of Robert Haydn, the Strongest Power User
Japanese voice actor Kishō Taniyama
English voice actor Booker

Junichi Baba (nicknamed B.J.) is a 14-year-old power user who loves hip-hop music. He has the power to turn coins into wind but has a tendency to lie a lot, particularly about who he is when fighting other power users.

When first introduced, he convinces another power user that he is Robert Haydn. His defeat at the real Robert Haydn's hands spurs Ueki to challenge him the first time. B.J. can turn coins into wind.


Baba is a hip-hop loving guy who tells lies to impress people but, after meeting Ueki he is changed to an extent and becomes his friend. He is somewhat a pervert, especially towards Ai Mori. During Ueki's first battle with him, he maximizes the speed of his whirlwinds just to see Mori's underwear and during their second meeting, rubs her body which results in a punch on his face.

Baba is a young boy with brunette hair and black eyes. His hair is braided and he always dresses in hip-hop style clothes. His skin is tanned and he has ear piercings.


When Baba was a child, his family moved into a new city. A shy individual, Baba struggled to make friends because he felt his life was boring. In order to make new friends, he started telling lies, to impress people about almost everything. However, the act backfires and people start believing that everything he says is a lie and loses trust in him.

B.J. ArcEdit

Powers and abilitiesEdit

Junichi Baba's celestial power is turning coins into whirlwinds.


Kōsuke UekiEdit

When he first met Ueki they got a long well because he loved how Ueki danced to his hip-hop music and considered him his "bro".

Ai MoriEdit

He had a somewhat a pervert nature toward her like when he was fighting Ueki he used his power to see her underwear and he just to rub her body but consider her as a friend like Ueki.

Manga vs. AnimeEdit