Hanon face
Kanji アノン
Rōmaji Hanon
Gender Male
Race Hellions
Hair color Pink
Eye color Reddish pink
Relationships Hellion Margaret - Father
Abilities Swallow and absorb people's abilities and personality.
Affiliation Margaret
Misc. Information
Manga debut Chapter 85
Anime debut Terror! The Law of Hanon
Japanese voice actor Jun Fukuyama
English voice actor Sean Broadhurst

Hanon (アノン, Anon) is from a race known as the Hellions , who come from the Protectorates clan. Hanon can swallow and absorb people within himself, thus making their bodies his, as well as gaining whatever abilities they have such as Robert 's power to make the ideal thing and his sacred treasures .

With a surprisingly humble nature, he has a hard time understanding humans and tends to experiment on them with reckless curiosity. Although it appears that Margaret is his father it is actually a Hellion who swallowed Margaret using his appearance.

Later in the series, he swallows King of the Celestial World and changes up the rules of round 4. He first told Ueki that his dream is to destroy everything (to achieve happiness), but in fact, his real dream is to have someone who can beat him.

Powers & AbilitiesEdit

Enhanced Function - As stated by Margarette, all hellions have enhanced physical power to compensate for their lack of sacred weapons. Hanon himself is an extremely powerful hellion, as Margarette himself said that Hanon is a lot stronger than him. 

Proficient hand-to-hand combatant - Hanon is shown to be a proficient bare-handed fighter. He was able to defeat Robert without sacred weapons. Evidence of his fighting power is shown when he overpowers Li Hō during the fourth round.

Absorption - As one of the Protectorates, Hanon has the ability to absorb others to gain their powers and abilities. This is first seen when he absorbs Robert and later when he absorbs the Celestial King.
Hanon vore gif 2 by naga07-d41m1l9

Hanon (Robert absorbed) absorbs the king.

Hanon vore gif by naga07-d41m12s

Hanon absorbs Robert.

4377035-jpeg preview large

Hanon(Robert absorbed)

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