Kanji グラノ
Rōmaji Gurano
Gender Male
Race Humans
Abilities Turning a toy model into a real life working version
Team Team Grano
Misc. Information
Japanese voice actor Isshin Chiba

Grano (グラノ, Gurano) is a power user and the leader of Team Grano. He has the ability to turn a toy model (even a broken one) into a real life working version but he is required to play the toy model once and he can only carry ten of them with him. His level Two power is that he can control whatever he makes come to life. The condition for this power is that he has to believe whatever he is doing is right. He claims this is easy, because as far as he is concerned, anyone who stands in his way is evil. In manga, his condition for the power is playing with the toy to make it become real.

He loves toy models and know about everything related to toys. Seems to put up a nice guy front but is actually quite mean. Beaten by Ueki and his model clone created by Grano himself (he had ordered the clone to attack the evil before it, which the clone interpreted to mean Grano).