Celestial King
Gender Male
Race Heavenly Beings
Misc. Information
Japanese voice actor Jūrōta Kosugi
English voice actor Roger Rhodes

The former King of the Celestial World who sets up this whole tournament. As shown in the anime, God is a pervert who likes women and drinking. In a flashback, he was inspired to start the tournament, due to the actions of Ueki's adoptive mother, Haruko Ueki, who at the time was a high school student just before she was deceased. He started the tournament to give all beings, whether human or heavenly being, a chance to create their own futures. Although his front is a mindless idiot who likes to slack off, he is actually very wise and powerful. According to a text box in the English manga, he lives in a skyscraper in the USA.

Powers & AbilitiesEdit

As the king of the celestial world, he is an extremely powerful foe. The power of his sacred weapons seems to rival that of a Neo . He also has access to a super sacred weapon, known as creation, that is exclusive to the current king of the celestial world. Aside from his weapons, he is also a proficient hand to hand combatant, and his physical power is on par with that of the hellions. This is shown during his fight with Margarett, who was momentarily overwhelmed by the king's barrage of fists.