Fair and Square! The Law of Onimon
Kanji 正々堂々!鬼紋の法則
Rōmaji Seisei Dōdō! Onimon no Hōsoku
Air Date May 23, 2005
Opening Theme Falco
Ending Theme Kokoro no Wakusei (Little Planets)
Episode 7
Episode 9
The Law of Ueki episodes
During a run-in with some bullies, Ueki and Mori meet Monjiro Oniyama, nicknamed Onimon, a very strong fighter with a sense of fair play. It turns out that he is also a power user with the ability to turn the dirt he kicks into cannonballs. Clearly outmatched by Onimon’s 299 talents, Ueki is at a disadvantage in this fight.

Worst of all, Onimon is not a bad guy, only wanting the Talent of Blank in order to restore his home village to its former glory.

Will Ueki be able to muster up enough determination to beat Onimon and his philosophy of "fair and square" fighting?

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