Kanji カプーショ
Rōmaji Kapusho
Gender Male
Race Humans
Abilities Changing his voice into freezing gas
Team Team Capucho
Misc. Information
Japanese voice actor Yu Asakawa
English voice actor Annika Odegard

Capucho (カプーショ, Kapusho) is a power user and the leader of Team Capucho. He has neck long hair that flows down from his hat. He wears a yellow jacket and has large brown eyes. He associated with Hideyoshi's new celestial candidate to try and force Hideyoshi by trying to destroy the sun house. He failed myserably when his attack backfired due to Ueki's Sacred Treasure, Gulliver. He was also seen during the tournament but was completely defeated by Team Marilyn within a matter of minutes. His power is to change his voice into a freezing gas that can spread to any target. His level two power is to make the gas red and it makes any target as fragile as a cookie, making it break with a single shove once in effect. He wanted Hideyoshi to join his group so that he could use his own power to send his freezing voice from multiple directions. Tends to get impatient and repeat certain words and phrases.