Kanji バロン
Rōmaji Baron
Gender Male
Race Humans
Abilities Move to wherever his knife is when he throws it
Team Team Marilyn
Misc. Information
Japanese voice actor Ai Horanai(young)

Banjou Ginga

English voice actor Adam Hunter

Baron (バロン, Baron) is a power user and a member of Team Marilyn. He has the ability to move to wherever his knife is when he throws it. His level two is to immobilize himself and his opponent to the ground if he teleports within one meter of the person. An honest and naive fellow and he always refers to himself in the third person in the Japanese version. This is toned down a little but still existent in the Animax dub. Baron is very loyal to Marilyn and can be quite gullible because he is tricked by Ueki repeatedly. After a long fight in which Ueki discovers his own unique fighting style, Ueki temporarily takes him out with Masshu.